Week-long Music Literacy Training For Students

 * * * SAVE THE DATE 8th Annual or 2021 - JUNE 21-26, 2021 - West Monroe, LA * * *

What if your student came out of this summer with greater musicianship? What if that also showed them how to better imitate their Heavenly Father? What if they could do all this without feeling like it was work? Sound good so far?

Enter Jubilate Deo Summer Music Camp, a unique opportunity for students age five through graduated seniors to refine their music skills in fun and fulfilling ways. Students will work on singing, dancing, music theory, Bible, and more as they prepare for a final concert and folk dance. That last part is a bit of fun for the whole family too!

As the Triune God sings and makes music over His creation, we will grow more and more into His likeness when we seek to be joyful music makers in the ways we are able. Rather than be music consumers only, how about some practice as music creators! Don’t miss out on this unique music camp.
The theme of the camp and concert music will focus around a theme set by our conductor, Dr. David Erb. Each day the students will gather at 8:30am for morning prayer and singing, followed by an exhaustingly fun schedule of singing, Bible, folk dancing, and games. 5 year olds through 4th grade students will conclude at noon and 5th-12th will go until 3pm. Questions can be directed to Jarrod Richey at [email protected]


Training students to read, write, and sing music regardless of career aspirations.

In a day and age when music and the arts are relegated to extracurricular activities, Christians must work extra hard to train themselves and their children in the joy of music and singing.

Beyond a Joy of Music: Giving your children the music training you never had is a short article that gets to the heart of why the Jubilate Deo Music Summer Music Camp was founded.
Jubilate Deo Summer Music Camp is not just about giving children something to do during their summer break. It's about instructing them in what it means to be skillful singers who understand the blessings of singing and making music.

Jubilate Deo is the only camp of its kind in the south where music literacy is paired with a biblical understanding of music and singing.


Our 2020 team of Christian, Kodály inspired music educators.

Dr. David Erb

Music Director
David Erb holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Choral Conducting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Erb earned a Master of Music degree in Choral Conducting from Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1997.

Jarrod Richey

Camp Director/Founder
Jarrod Richey received his bachelors degree at Louisiana Tech before completing his Masters of Music in Choral Conducting at University of Louisiana at Monroe. Mr. Richey recently completed his Kodály certification at Wichita State University.

Sarah Davis

Early Music Intructor
Sarah Davis is a talented pianist and organist and teaches general K4-3rd music for Geneva Academy. She received her Kodály music certification from Wichita State University. This is Sarah's fifth year to work with the youngest music campers.

Annette Larsen

Elementary Instructor
Annette Larsen returns to Jubilate Deo Summer Music Camp to work with the 2nd-4th Graders. She teaches Kodály music classes at T.S. Cooley Elementary in Lake Charles, LA. She received her national Kodály music certification from McNeese State University. She is a talented pianist/organist as well.

Megan Larson

Junior High Instructor
Megan Larson returns to help with the junior high campers. Mrs. Larson recently completed her Kodály music teacher certification from New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. She is the Music Teacher and Curriculum Director for Founders Christian School in Spring, Texas.

Allegra Gollehon

Folk Dance Intructor
Allegra Gollehon joins our music camp staff as our folk dance instructor. Mrs. Gollehon has previously taught music at The Oaks Academy in Spokane, WA. She recently received her Kodály music teacher certification from New Saint Andrews College. She currently lives in Moscow, ID where she works for the ACCS administrative office. 

Gabriel Gollehon

Junior/Senior High Assistant
Gabriel Gollehon joins his wife, Allegra for the first time in northeast Louisiana. Gabriel is a talented pianist and is finishing his music studies at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. He has completed 2 of his 3 Kodály music certification levels from New Saint Andrews College.

Bethany Wilkins

Art Intructor
Bethany Wilkins teaches upper school drawing and art for Geneva Academy in West Monroe, LA. She is passionate about helping students find beauty in the art around them as well as in how to create beautiful art to the glory of God.

Pastor Uri Brito

Chapel & Bible Teacher
Pastor Uriesou Brito returns to us from Providence Church in Pensacola, FL. Pastor Brito's boisterous Brazilian excitement brings a joy to chapel and Bible class alike. 

Ken Fryer

Junior/Senior High Assistant
Ken Fryer returns this year as a choral assistant to Dr. Erb in preparing the choirs. He has a Master of Music degree and has completed two levels of his Kodály certification. He teaches K-8 music at a classical school in Baton Rouge, LA.


WILL MaSKS be Required at Jubilate Deo?


While we understand the possibility that a student or participant would like to wear a mask, we are not requiring masks due to the limitation on vocal range with a sound-reducing barrier in place. Participants may bring masks to wear during entry to the camp, exiting the camp, non-singing group activities, and snack time, but we will not mandate that masks be worn. All parents, spectators, and family members may wear masks at performances, if desired. We want all participants and spectators to feel comfortable if they wish to wear a mask.

In the past, we have served individual snacks and drinks from larger containers. We will continue to utilize this procedure with preparers wearing gloves. Servers will also be wearing gloves, and measures will be taken to limit cross-contamination between the students. If you would feel more comfortable sending a sealed/pre-packaged snack and bottle of water with your camper, please send these items in a bag labeled with your child’s name. Those items will be available for your child during snack breaks. Older students will continue to bring sack lunches from home and may bring water bottles, if desired.



We will encourage social distancing throughout the camp, and our facilities are large enough to employ social distancing in most situations. We will utilize available space within the sanctuary facilities and practice facilities and will use more "team circles" during practices. However, due to the necessary acoustic considerations for performances, there may be times when participants are placed less than six feet apart. Prior to registering, we encourage parents and participants to consider that they may be required to be within six feet of other participants and staff during the camp.


The Saturday Morning Concert will be conducted in the Church of the Redeemer sanctuary, and parents, family members, and friends are encouraged to attend. As with our Sunday worship services, we will have ample seating to allow spectators to abide by social distancing recommendations, and any spectator may wear a mask, if desired. Again, due to the nature of the program, participants may be placed within 6 feet of each other and instructors for acoustic and space considerations. Prior to registering, we encourage parents and participants to consider that they may be required to be within six feet of other participants and staff during the camp. As always, a livestream of the concert will be available for viewing either during the concert or at a later time, and this link can be utilized by people who are unable to attend the concert due to health considerations, scheduling, or physical distance from our facilities.
The Thursday Night Folk Dance is a highly-anticipated event during Jubilate Deo. We plan on continuing this tradition this year, and there will be teaching sessions and practices during the week. Folk dancing requires close contact between participants. This is not a required activity of the camp, so if you or your child feels that it would be safer to sit out of this part of camp, accommodations can be made for your child during practice sessions. Masks will not be prohibited for any child or participant who would like to wear one during folk dancing practice or on Thursday night during the folk dance. Prior to registering, we encourage parents and participants to consider that they may be required to be within six feet of other participants and staff during the camp.


Much consideration has gone into planning and structuring Jubilate Deo this year, and we are making every attempt to make the camp the same safe, fun environment for participants, instructors, and supporters. However, we understand the concerns and the fact that you have to weigh the risks associated attending a function that will require close contact and singing. If you have reservations, please consider waiting until the 2021-2022 camp, but please feel welcome to come to or livestream the Saturday concert to support the camp this year.


DATES: JUNE 22-27, 2020

Five-Year Olds through Rising 4th Graders


Students participate in chapel, singing, folk dance lessons, Art & Bible class, music games, and choir preparation each day. Campers are fed a snack mid-morning before dismissal.

Rising 5th Graders through Graduated Seniors


Students participate in chapel, singing, folk dance lessons, art class, Bible class, score study, choir rehearsals, section rehearsals, and more each day. Students should bring a cold-sack lunch and a water bottle.

Family Folk Dance - FRIDAY Night - 6:30pm
Closing Camp Concert - Saturday 11am


K5-4th Grade Tuition: $85
5th-12th Grade Tuition: $100

We don't want financial hardship to prevent families from participating. Please inquire about scholarships. 

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