Supplemental Hymnal


Fourth Printing (Easter 2018 Revision)


Church of the Redeemer (formerly Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church) has long sought to mine the best of church hymnody and psalmody. Over the years, we've tried printing seasonal hymnals and inserts for our congregation to sing. Eventually in 2011, we began working on a singular supplemental hymnal that could sit in the pews alongside our 1961 blue Trinity Hymnal (Great Commission Publications). In this hymnal, there are songs from all corners of the western catholic tradition spanning over a thousand years. The idea was to be ecumenical in the settings of the hymns that Christians have sought since the early centuries of the church through today.

This project and hymnal are not exhaustive and rather tailored to be a companion to our hymnal and for our congregation. This hymnal is not for sale and is only offered here as a reference for those interested in what we've done. 

Glen Warner

Co-Editor / Copyright & Permissions
In addition to helping Jarrod Richey with the engraving/digitizing of the over 200 hymns/songs in this edition, Glen Warner handled all permission and copyright requests needed to publish this in-house hymnal. 

Jarrod Richey

Co-Editor / Layout & Design
Beyond coordinating with church leadership on hymn selection and vision, Jarrod handled the music engraving, typeset, and hymnal design for this latest version of the hymnal. 

J. Steven Wilkins


Here is the latest version of our Supplemental Hymnal. This hymnal is a work in progress. It exists to assist us in worship by expanding our hymnody, drawing more widely upon the great treasure of hymns that God has given the Church through the ages. While the Trinity hymnal (1961) continues to be very useful, it does not contain many of the great hymns and worship music that have been a part of the heritage of the Church since its founding. This supplement makes more of these valuable works of praise and thanksgiving available to us at Church of the Redeemer.

In the years ahead, we will continue to search for other hymns to add to this collection, as well as continuing to evaluate the helpfulness of these that are presently included. So, this is by no means a “finished” product.

We continue to thank God for the faithful work of all our musicians and their invaluable contributions not only to this supplemental hymnal but to our services each Sunday. Special thanks are due to Jarrod Richey and Glen Warner for the many hours they have both dedicated to making this supplemental hymnal a reality. Finally, we thank the living God for all the gifts He has given to us and especially for the “unspeakable gift” of His Son.